WOMEN – FULL MARATHON @ San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll

Updated 4Q 2019

3:34:521Erin Brady2015 – SA Rock n’ Roll
3:44:072Lisa Miller2017 – SA Rock ‘n’ Roll
3:56:333Amy Frick2018 – SA Rock ‘n’ Roll
3:56:394Mel Lo2017 – SA Rock ‘n’ Roll
4:04:115Jessica Romero2017 – SA Rock ‘n’ Roll
4:11:506Rachel Chartrand2018 – SA Rock ‘n’ Roll
4:24:547Jeanne Clunn2017 – SA Rock ‘n’ Roll
4:26:268Elizabeth Fish2013 – SA Rock ‘n’ Roll
4:27:049Steph Cienfuegos-Serna2016 – SA Rock ‘n’ Roll
4:27:1810Blanca Martinez2015 – SA Rock ‘n’ Roll

              Updated 2019 1Q – Click on the picture below to start the slideshow


Amy has an additional Top 10 Womens FULL Marathon performance – a 3:56:33 at the 2018 SA RnR FULL. I wanted to use this picture that included her husband and the ring on her left hand