Just Show Up

The group meets to run 2 times weekly – Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings.

On Saturday, show up at the parking lot near the Pearl Brewery Amphitheater near the valet parking at the Hotel Emma at either 7 AM or 8 AM. A DRG sign marks the area where we meet.  Many folks who have longer distances, have something to do later in the morning, or just want to run while it is a bit cooler start at 6 AM.  Others choose to start at 7 AM.  Pick the time that works best for you. Many arrive a bit early and enjoy visiting with friends.

On Tuesdays, show up at the Pearl Brewery Amphitheater near the valet parking at the Hotel Emma at 6:30 PM.  There will be a DRG sign next to the area that marks where we meet. Get there early and enjoy your friends.

For directions to these locations and description of track workout opportunities with the group go to  Weekly runs and workouts.

At both group runs, it is highly likely that someone will recognize you as being new to DRG and greet you.  If that does not happen immediately, take matters into your own hands, introduce yourself as a first-timer, and ask for help. In our introductory comments to the entire group, we always ask ” Are there any new runners to our group for the first time?”.

We know how important it is to start your new experience in a positive manner.

For the 1st few runs, we will try to ensure you know the routes, (based on how far you want to go that day) , find a running buddy or group that can run with you and get to know what goals your are wanting to achieve with running.  From past experiences, it seems that most new runners will start to find a niche within DRG after attending a couple of times. You will probably find folks just like you who will run similar distances and paces to yours.  There will be multiple groups out on a run and each  of those run groups usually ensure that the team only goes out as at  a pace as the slowest runner  If you like to run alone, with just a few individuals, at a faster challenging pace, a slower run/walk pace or just mix it up, we can accommodate your style.