Racing involves more than getting to the finish line.  If you don’t make it to the starting line, there is a 100% probability that you won’t make it to the finish line.  Don’t let avoidable injuries take you out of the game before it even starts.

Injuries are a part of running and can keep you from getting to the starting line. You can minimize running injuries by using the correct shoes, doing your stretches, warming up, correct running form, slowly increasing your miles and fueling properly.

However, even after doing the right things, something may start to hurt or feel funny. The pain  may go away quickly , might linger for a while or even become to the point where running will have to cease.

So what can you do about this?  Try some or all of the following –

  1.  Talk with other runners.  Show up Tuesdays or Saturdays and you will hear  runners talking about what is hurting, where it is hurting and what has helped them.
  2. Find a good running doctor who knows running injuries can be discussed with other runners.  Ask your fellow DRGers if they have a recommendation.
  3. Do some of your own research to see what type of injury you may have , what is the recovery process, and what a physician, physical therapist, or massage therapist may be able to do to speed along the recovery

Runners Rescue has a website that describes the different types of running injuries to help educate yourself .  Click on the following link:        Running Injuries