In the Downtown Run Group we believe that it’s a big deal when a person completes a 10 or 20 mile run for the first time in their life. We like to celebrate that in a fun way with the “BIG DEAL BANANA” run.   There’s a Saturday each October when those who are training for the December SA Rock ‘n Roll event have those special numbers on their training plan- 10 miles for the half marathoner or 20 miles for those planning to run the full marathon.  When they show up on that fateful Saturday morning they are presented with a banana which they sign, date  and write the number of miles they plan to run.  Normally a post run snack is a third or half cut up banana but not on this special day!  When you finish, we celebrate your achievement with you, take your picture and you get to eat your very own entire “BIG DEAL BANANA”!