Downtown Run Group


Hello DRG’ers and our running family.
We all know of the circumstances that the world is facing in regards to the COVID-19 virus and the steps put in order to fight the spread of it.
With the news about the governor issuing a public health disaster which restricts bars, gyms, theaters and dine-in restaurants from allowing guests and no gatherings of 10 or more people till April 3rd or an extended date, it’s time for DRG to join the cause.
It really hurts me to say that we will have no official meetups for the time being. If you choose to still run during this time, do so with caution and distance yourself from others as best as you can is all I can say. We miss everyone already!
We will get through this. Love y’all! ❤️
…Run Inspired…

Downtown Run Group consists of runners with varying degrees of experience and ability. We provide running support all year long but our main focus is preparing for fall races, like our own San Antonio Rock-n-Roll half and full marathons.  No distance is too short or too long – we want our team members to set goals and achieve them!

This year, 2020, will be our 9th season running together.

At DRG, we have 2 running “seasons” –

  1. SA Rock n Roll Training Season starting in mid July.  The 2020 SA RnR 20 week training season is scheduled to begin in July with Team Pictures.  After 20 weeks of group runs, we expect about 150 DRGers will lace ’em up for RnR weekend and participate in the 5K, 10K, Half, or Full marathons.  An additional number of DRGers will cheer for their for their teammates on race morning.
  2. The “Winter” Season provides a weekly venue for DRGers who participate in numerous events both locally and around the country.  From mid December thru early summer, we do not publish Saturday morning run routes.  Those who meet at the Pearl at 8 AM on Saturday mornings either “buddy up” with a group or talk with Bo for suggested routes.

Many of us have participated in other running groups and feel that we have captured the best of all these experiences. From a group of ten we have grown to having nearly 160 active members with new people joining us every weekend. Our goal is to continue to provide free weekly activities for those who love to run (and walk) that will give those who choose to participate an opportunity meet up, build mileage together and develop friendships.  It’s simply the secret to our success!